Taylor Swift performing “Shake It Off” at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards

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Taylor Swift Discography

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Album Photoshoots Through the Years : Tim McGraw (2006), Fearless (2008), Speak Now (2010), Red (2012), 1989 (2014)

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"My wish for you is to become hope; people need that. And even if we fail, what better way is there to live?"

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klaine + idk i think blaine wants to be with kurt for the rest of his life and no-one is gonna come between that

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this is so cool

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Idiots are back in space B)


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to. be. continued.

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At the groceries store



Me: can u give me x²+4y+ of tomatoes & 2(x²+8xy^3) of potatoes please

Seller: I dont understand

Me: well i dont give a fuck i didnt study in vain

those are polynomials you asked for a neverending curve of tomatoes

Ayyy Labor Day! (x)

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