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Drabble: One Touch, a Thousand Lives


Summary: Another Klaine Soulmate AU. This one has a twist though: You’re born with your own name on your hand and you’re waiting for the day you come into contact with your soulmate, so the names on your hand will switch. 

In a world where soulmates exist, finding love is the most cherished journey in everyone’s life.

In this world, every person is born with their own name, written in the handwriting of the fates in a delicate golden tone on their hand. It’s written there, just on the back of one’s hand, so that when a person comes in contact with one’s soulmate, the letters of their names switch. The names travel over the skin, through the connection made with your soulmate, and bond to the skin of the other person so that, where your name as always been, the name of your soulmate now rests.

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I keep forgetting Im like an adult and not 16….like…I can tell my parents no….they don’t own me…..but I still live under their roof and they pay for my insurance and phone so it’s like…..awkward….I’m free….but not because I’m poor

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url inspired graphic for aesthetic-hunter [request here]


man I felt bad for gavin after the five nights at freddy’s lp. still hope they make more

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